Pleated Face Masks by Chic Stitch
All fashion, some protection and better than nothing !

Wear a face mask if you must come into close contact with a sick person. "Close contact" means within 6 feet.
If you've got the flu, wear a face mask before going near other people.
All our masks are handmade with two layers of 100% cotton fabric and proudly made in Canada. All the fabrics used are hand selected from fabric outlets in our area. None of our face masks are mass produced off shore.
All of our face masks are equipment with a plastic encased metal strip that is stitched-in to help seal the mask around the bridge of your nose for a better seal and to prevent the fogging of glasses.

No two faces are the same. The biggest complaint that people have when wearing elastic ear loop face masks is that the elastic cuts into the back of their ears making them uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. This is why we have designed an elastic ear loop face mask with adjustable ear loops. The elastic straps can be tied off to the proper length that fits your face for a comfortable fit

All our face masks shown are adult size. We can make children size masks, masks with fabric straps, masks with fleece lining for extra warmth, and masks with a disposable filter option. 

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Our "face warmers" provide an excellent alternative to wearing a bulky scarf outdoors on those cold windy winter days. Furthermore, when you head back inside you can put them away in your pocket or purse. Try that with a scarf !

Studies show that when there's a sick family member in the house, other family members could cut their risk of getting sick by 60% to 80% by using face masks consistently and correctly and in combination with frequent hand washing and avoiding close contact with the sick person.

While the flu virus may be a tough infectious agent inside the body, it is frail and weak outside the body. Studies have shown that the flu germ can survive outside the body from a few minutes up to 24 hours. Hence, the flu seems to depend more on direct transmission from an infected person to spread among the population.

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